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As the most efficient logistics solution for cargo delivery, the Asia Way Group company offers air transportation. In this case, all the features and standards of cargo delivery are observed, depending on their type and customer requirements.

Air transportation is a modern, fastest way to deliver cargo using air transport – passenger or cargo aircraft or helicopter. This type of transportation has its own characteristics. Firstly, it has a number of undoubted advantages. Secondly, there are also disadvantages. Thirdly, there are some goods that cannot be transported by air for various reasons. Fourthly, certain requirements are imposed on cargo.

The advantages of air transportation

Air transportation, in comparison with other types of cargo transportation, has the following advantages:

  • delivery speed – this type of transportation is the fastest, the cargo can be delivered over a long distance in just one or two days;
  • safety is an excellent protection against any negative impact, therefore it is advisable to transport dangerous, especially valuable and expensive goods by air;
  • wide geographical coverage – using air transport, it is possible to deliver cargo to any part of the world, even to remote and hard-to-reach places, where delivery by other means is simply impossible;
  • systematicity and periodicity – strict adherence to the time frame and regime.

Air transportation is a predictable type of delivery; it is possible to say with high accuracy when the consignee has the goods, and the error in this case is minimal.

Air services are the most efficient logistic solutions, as goods are delivered by the shortest route. This is the best way to transport perishable goods, as well as those that need to be delivered in the shortest possible time.

The disadvantages of air transportation

Air services are one of the most expensive types of transportation. This is the main disadvantage of transportation of this type. But in general, the following are the disadvantages of air freight:

  • cost;
  • airports are not everywhere, so a different type of transport (multimodal transportation) is used for delivery to remote locations, for example, a car or a helicopter;
  • dependence on weather conditions – it is known that due to certain weather conditions a flight may be postponed indefinitely;
  • dimension restrictions – it is difficult or even impossible to deliver oversized cargo by air.

And, nevertheless, it is unlikely to deliver the cargo faster than by air transport, especially when it comes to long distances. Sometimes this is the only possible option.

Air transportation features

Air transportation has its own characteristics. While in flight the cargo is under low barometric pressure. The temperature in the cargo compartment can rise to +60 and drop to -60 degrees Celsius. Also, the cargo is subject to vibration and operating overload. All this dictates certain requirements – the goods in the above conditions should not change their physical and chemical properties.

Airplanes are distinguished not only by their carrying capacity, but also by the possibilities of placing cargo, therefore dimensions are also important. Oversized cargo is more often transported by other means of transport. If the cargo will be transported by passenger aircraft, then the maximum weight and dimensions of such cargo will also be strictly regulated.

The goods properly registered for export are accepted for international air transportation. You may be prohibited from transporting biomaterials, vaccines, weapons and ammunition and narcotic raw materials.

The main disadvantage of air transportation is its high cost. However, there are several ways to reduce costs:

  • correct calculations of dimensions and weight of the cargo, as well as subsequent correct sorting;
  • optimal and efficient placement of cargo in the aircraft compartment;
  • proper packing of cargo;
  • transportation of large consignments, i.e. it is better to transport groupage cargo or a large consignment using air transport, which allows to reduce the cost per unit of cargo.

Air transportation with Asia Way Group

The Asia Way Group company accepts cargo for transportation by air. We are professionally engaged in this type of transportation, taking into account all its features. Our specialists are experts in reducing the cost of transportation. We will do everything to ensure that your cargo is safely delivered to its destination as soon as possible and at an optimal cost. In addition, we will coordinate different types of transportation so that the cargo does not get stuck in transit if there is no airport of the required level at the destination. Trust us and track the movement of your cargo in real time. Leave a request, or contact our specialists.

Asia Way Group: we will do everything to deliver the cargo quickly!

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Optimal cargo placement in the aircraft relative to each other and their correct packaging reduces the cost