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The most popular overland way of cargo delivery is road transportation. Moreover, this type of transportation is equally demanded both domestically and in the field of international freight. A variety of cargoes can be transported by road transport: hazardous, bulk, liquid and containerized cargo, machinery, food products, chemicals, raw materials and a lot more.

The Asia Way Group company delivers goods from China to Russia, and also is engaged in cargo transportation by road throughout Russia. We offer you door-to-door delivery – a comprehensive solution where you can receive your cargo perfectly safe as quickly as possible.

The advantages of road transportation

The popularity of road transportation due to its advantages compared with other types of transportation. Among the most significant advantages are the following:

  • mobility – with the help of motor vehicles you can deliver cargo to almost any remote village, and the route can be quickly changed (get around the traffic jam or road repair, etc.);
  • efficiency – with the help of motor vehicles the cargo is delivered in the shortest and most predictable time;
  • real-time tracking – modern trucks are equipped with a GLONASS monitoring system, which allows you to accurately determine the location of transport;
  • safety – the trucks are equipped with a tracking system for monitoring the condition of the cargo, for example, the temperature in the cargo compartment, especially valuable cargo can be accompanied by security;
  • relatively low cost – the cost of transportation by road is several times lower than air transportation;
  • versatility – with the help of motor vehicles you can deliver loads of various types.

With the help of road transport, you can arrange door-to-door delivery. This means that there is no need to reload goods. And minimization of technological processes will inevitably lead to a decrease in delivery time, as well as a reduction in the total cost of transportation. Considering all these factors, it is possible to call road transportation also one of the most accessible types of cargo transportation – cars and roads are everywhere.

The disadvantages of road transportation

Road transportation is also imperfect. It has some disadvantages:

  • road transport is cost-effective only for short distances; rail or marine transportation is cheaper for delivery to remote locations;
  • there are restrictions on dimensions and weight – for transportation of oversized cargo it is necessary to coordinate the route, and this is expensive, and in terms of weight: a standard truck can transport 20 tons, a semitrailer truck – 44 tons;
  • dependence on weather conditions – snow drifts, ice on road, spring thaws – all this may affect the delivery time;
  • accident risk – the probability of an accident on the roads is very high, and the risk of damage to the cargo in this type of transportation is much higher than that of others, sometimes there are even thefts.

To protect yourself from force majeure, you can use insurance as a guarantee against losses.

Thus, the choice of road transportation will be optimal in some cases. Firstly, if the cargo is quite ordinary (food products, building materials, household appliances, furniture, cosmetics and household chemicals, etc). Secondly, the delivery must be carried out by land. Thirdly, the distance is relatively short. Fourthly, the consignment is placed in a single truck. If your order meets these requirements, then road transportation is the best solution.

In some cases, road transport will be the only possible option to deliver the goods. For example, when it comes to remote locations. Also, very often road transport is an integral part of multimodal transportation, as it allows door-to-door delivery.

Road transportation with Asia Way Group

The Asia Way Group company provides road transportation from China to Russia, as well as across the territory of the Russian Federation and in particular across the Primorsky Territory. We have our own fleet of motor vehicles that allows us to transport without resorting to the services of third-party transport companies. We are ready to organize comprehensive road transportation: pick up cargo from China, carry out customs clearance, and deliver the cargo to the desired point in Russia.

Competent logistics specialists professionally make the most profitable route for the client. In addition, we carry out delivery of consolidated cargo and are ready to organize multimodal transportation. For container transportation we have our own container fleet. We save time and money of our customers.

Leave all your cares for the delivery of goods to our professionals. Leave a request for road transportation or contact our experts.