Расчет доставки

Ниже представлена форма для расчета в он-лайн режиме стоимости доставки. Расчет стоимости доставки является ориентировочным, более корректную стоимость Вы можете узнать, связавшись с нами по телефону 8 (423) 273-42-16
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Калькулятор таможенной стоимости

Ниже представлен таможенный калькулятор для расчета в он-лайн режиме таможенных пошлин и дополнительных платежей. Расчет таможенных платежей является ориентировочным, более корректную стоимость Вы можете узнать, связавшись с нами по телефону 8 (423) 273-42-16
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Отслеживание груза

Введите номер контейнера в следующем формате:
В числовом формате (7 цифр);
В числовом формате с добавлением префикса (4 лат. символа).

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Japanese equipment has always differed in quality characteristics from products made in other countries, especially in Russia. Cars in this case are no exception to the rule. Quite the contrary - for many people, a real Japanese car, even a used one, but without a run in Russia, is a real dream.

Used cars in the Land of the Rising Sun are sold through auctions. However, Japanese auctions are not available to everyone. Japanese auction is a simple and practical way to buy a quality car at a bargain price. A stunning range of models is exhibited at the auction. Among these models anyone is able to choose a car which meets your every need and financial capabilities. But, as mentioned earlier, not everyone has access to such auctions. And such an acquisition is associated with certain difficulties and has its own features.

The Asia Way Group company offers you to buy a car from auctions in Japan. We guarantee you one of the lowest commission rates on the market, a wide choice of models, car selection for your requirements, safe delivery and customs clearance. With us you can easily become the owner of a reliable Japanese car.

The advantages of buying cars from auctions in Japan

Buying cars from Japanese auctions has a number of advantages:

  • Perfect condition – all the cars put up for auction are in excellent condition – most car owners in Japan use the car only for country trips and operate the car in a very gentle mode, and the cars themselves are of high quality components and assembly. In addition, the roads in Japan are not comparable in quality with the Russian. The roads are smooth, the transport system and infrastructure are very well developed in the country, so there are practically no traffic jams. All these affects the equipment wear.
  • The absence of battered cars – cars that have been involved in an accident, are sold at individual auctions and receive a special assessment, despite the fact that they can be very well restored, they are sold at a lower price.
  • Expert assessment – each lot is subject to expert evaluation, which completely eliminates the possibility of fraud. Every car in a Japanese auction is always 100% consistent with its description.
  • Huge assortment – new lots are regularly exhibited at the auctions, which makes it possible to select the best option in a short time. Even exclusive modifications are often exhibited.
  • The purity of the transaction – the purchases of cars at Japanese auctions are made more than several decades. The process of making deals has been worked out to the smallest detail and is carried out according to a refined scheme.
  • Reputation – the auctions in Japan greatly value their reputation, so the quality and characteristics of the cars offered do not have to be doubted.

The Asia Way Group company is ready to provide its qualified assistance in buying a car from auction in Japan. We also undertake the delivery of the car to the territory of Russia and its customs clearance. With us it is really profitable, easy and convenient.

The process of buying a car from auction in Japan

Buying a car through an auto auction in Japan is an uncomplicated deal, which takes really little time. But individuals do not have access to such trading. That is why it is necessary to contact Asia Way Group.

You need to conclude a contract with our company, which will set out the obligations of the parties. We will help you to choose a car, selecting several options that meet your requirements. After completing the purchase, our company will deliver the car from Japan to Vladivostok in a special container that ensures the absolute safety of the car. We can also help you or take over customs clearance and delivery of cars to any region of the Russian Federation.

We guarantee you a transparent scheme of all calculations. Thus, the cost of the car will be known to you from the very beginning and no additional payments will be imposed on it.

We value our reputation no less than Japanese auctions, and we consider this our main achievement. Trust us, and very soon you will drive your dream car bought at a Japanese auction.