Расчет доставки

Ниже представлена форма для расчета в он-лайн режиме стоимости доставки. Расчет стоимости доставки является ориентировочным, более корректную стоимость Вы можете узнать, связавшись с нами по телефону 8 (423) 273-42-16
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Калькулятор таможенной стоимости

Ниже представлен таможенный калькулятор для расчета в он-лайн режиме таможенных пошлин и дополнительных платежей. Расчет таможенных платежей является ориентировочным, более корректную стоимость Вы можете узнать, связавшись с нами по телефону 8 (423) 273-42-16
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Freight, which involves crossing state borders, is always associated with customs clearance. In this case the transportation itself may be export, import or transit. Each type of transportation has its own customs clearance features and related payments, accompanying documentation and control.

Regardless of the type of cargo and transportation, customs clearance is a rather complicated process in which mistakes are unacceptable. For each, even the most insignificant shortcoming in customs clearance, there may be unforeseen expenses, both temporary and financial, or even sanctions in respect of cargo.

To avoid problems in customs clearance, it is necessary to use the services of professional customs brokers who are willing to act as intermediaries between the cargo owner and the customs authorities. It is these experts who competently execute all documents and perform customs clearance, and are able to minimize the timing and payments.

The Asia Way Group company is not only engaged in cargo transportation, but also professionally provides customs clearance services. For this purpose, the company employs highly qualified certified specialists. The range of services we provide in this area includes:

  • customs clearance and customs legislation counseling;
  • HS codes search;
  • preliminary calculation of customs payments, which is an important component in the overall assessment of the effectiveness, and sometimes the expediency of the transaction;
  • assistance in the preparation of a documentation package – filling in a cargo custom declaration, a customs value declaration, customs value adjustments, etc;
  • obtaining permitting documents, in particular certificates, licenses, etc;
  • calculation of customs payments (taxes, fees and duties) and their payment;
  • accompanying the declaration in the customs authorities;
  • carrying out inspections and examinations.

Our company employs experienced professionals certified by the qualification of customs clearance. The activity is carried out on the basis of an appropriate license, and our experts are entered in the register of customs representatives of the Federal Customs Service. Long-term practice allows us to work with any customs regimes, that is, deal with the import, export and transit, and any types of cargo (goods). Our experts are ready not only to consult on any issues in the field of customs clearance, but also, if necessary, to defend their decisions in court.

The staff of Asia Way Group actively uses modern achievements in their work, including databases, special software that allows you to quickly and correctly carry out calculations, prepare declarations and other documentation. We can file declarations both remotely, that is, in electronic form, and directly in the customs authorities upon arrival of goods.

For customs clearance specialists require the most complete information about the goods. This is the nature of the cargo, the classification, volume, weight, cost, etc. The obtained data is used to correctly calculate customs payments.

Customs clearance, as a service in the Asia Way Group, can be provided separately or in complex, that is, as part of a package of services. In this case, our company, in addition to customs clearance itself, also deals with the transportation of cargo from the supplier to the customer. Our company can also conclude a contract with your supplier and officially act as an importer. Thus, we can completely legally substantially reduce your costs for customs payments and take over the execution of all documents. We work with all countries and types of cargo, including hazardous cargoes.

Save your energy, nerves, time and money. Entrust customs clearance to professional customs brokers with extensive practice and experience – specialists of Asia Way Group. Contact us in any convenient way or leave a request on our website.