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FEA or foreign economic activity is a complex process that involves the solution of the most diverse tasks. This requires a staff of highly qualified specialists in the field of foreign trade, customs clearance and customs legislation, logistics, freight and other. Otherwise, the company may face problems that will inevitably lead to serious economic risks.

The Asia Way Group company provides FEA outsourcing services. This means that you can pass on to our specialists part of your work related to foreign economic activity, and if to be more specific, our employees will fully organize the whole scheme of cargo delivery to Russia, starting with the purchase of goods, their transportation and ending with customs clearance, certification, etc.

The concept of outsourcing is increasingly included in modern business. This is due to the fact that keeping the staff of a certain kind of specialists is not always advisable and beneficial from an economic point of view. And in general, a number of companies simply cannot afford it. It is much more profitable to use the help of highly qualified specialists who provide the required services in a particular industry. The main principle of outsourcing is to keep only the work that you are able to do better than others. In particular, FEA outsourcing involves the search for suppliers of goods abroad, the conclusion of contracts, transportation of goods, and customs clearance by third-party specialists, which ultimately allows the company to focus on its main activities. After all, as the old Russian proverb says: if you chase two rabbits, you will lose them both...

The advantages of FEA outsourcing

FEA outsourcing is widely used in business, as it provides a number of advantages:

  • increasing the effectiveness in the field of foreign economic activity;
  • saving on staff salaries;
  • the ability not to be distracted from the main business processes;
  • flexibility in resource management;
  • no need to register as a FEA participant and open currency accounts;
  • no need to search for and conclude a contract with a customs broker, a transport company, temporary storage and consolidation warehouses;
  • no need for advanced training, training of own staff, obtaining relevant certificates and licenses.

The main advantage of outsourcing is the ability to use someone else's highly skilled labor and professional experience, as well as access to specialized knowledge and special opportunities.

The disadvantage of outsourcing is that you actually lose full control in this area of activity, and you depend on the reliability and integrity of your partner. For this reason, FEA outsourcing should be trusted only to reliable and proven companies, not only with experience, but also an impeccable reputation.

FEA outsourcing with Asia Way Group

The Asia Way Group company provides outsourcing services on a professional basis. Our experts are ready to take on the whole scheme of organizing the delivery of goods to Russia. After concluding a contract with your company, we will search for goods abroad, purchase it, and arrange its transportation to the territory of Russia, accompanied by all the necessary documentation. Upon arrival of the cargo in Russia, our specialists will perform customs clearance, and then deliver the cargo directly to the place of destination. We are guaranteed to act in the interests of our partners, optimizing the cost of transportation and customs payments. Over the years of its work, Asia Way Group has established itself as a reliable and responsible partner and performer. We had to solve very complex and simple tasks, which allowed us to accumulate invaluable experience.

Trust our specialists, become our partner, and together we will pass a difficult way to success with maximum efficiency and benefits. Order our FEA outsourcing service, and if you have any questions, you can contact our experts in any convenient way to get competent advice.