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Groupage is the transportation of small consignments belonging to different senders and receivers, collected in one transport compartment, for example, a container.

Any cargo transportation is associated with such concept as capacity. This means that any vehicle has limitations on the volume and weight of the transported cargo. There is also a certain set amount for transportation, as the cost of transportation does not greatly depend on how much cargo the vehicle carries. Thus, the cost of transporting a single unit of cargo directly depends on how much of the total cargo volume falls on it. It follows that, if necessary to transport a small cargo it is more expedient to combine it with the same small lots of other goods in order to divide the cost of transportation, and thereby reduce the cost of it. This process is called consolidation of cargo, followed by transportation of groupage cargoes.

The Asia Way Group company has an expanded partner network that allows consolidating cargo in warehouses for subsequent transportation. This allows significant savings, especially when it comes to international transportation, which is always expensive.

The advantages of groupage

The transportation of groupage cargoes is a whole range of advantages due to which this type of transportation is very much in demand:

  • significant financial savings – the cost of transportation is divided between all transported goods;
  • the benefits for carriers who can also carry more cargo in one haul, and therefore make more profit;
  • the possibility of purchasing goods in small batches;
  • comprehensive approach to problems – in case of international transportation of groupage cargo, the company not only directly transports, but also stores, consolidates at the warehouse, as well as customs clearance at the border crossing.

Transportation of general cargo is a great alternative to mailings. However, if the mail usually delivers, for example, cargo from China within a month, the transport company can do it much faster.

Features of the organization of groupage

A key feature of groupage cargo is consolidation. It involves storing the goods in the warehouse until the entire transport compartment is filled with cargoes following in the same direction. This means that the goods are marked and sorted. Most often, transportation of groupage cargo is carried out in containers. And the customer does not pay for the entire container, but only for a place that is specifically for his cargo. Consolidation of cargo takes time, so it is better to use the services of large companies that deal daily with large volumes of goods, which allows transportation of goods in the shortest possible time.

The second feature of the transportation of groupage cargo is the proper compilation of cargo. The nomenclature must take into account the delivery time, features of transportation, the nature of the cargo and other factors. For perishable goods, fragile and other special cargo, not only special packaging is organized, but also appropriate transportation. For example, the cargo may be transported in special refrigerated containers to meet the required temperature conditions, etc.

The next feature of the transportation of groupage cargo is the appropriate documentary and customs clearance. It is important to understand that the passage of customs by consolidated cargo as a single batch of homogeneous cargo is impossible. Therefore, the carrier company must ensure that each cargo is properly registered and has a full accompanying package of documents. An agreement with the customs authorities on the passage of the simplified customs control procedure is also required.

The Asia Way Group company has a wide agency and partner network that owns consolidation warehouses around the world. This allows us to carry out international transportation of groupage cargoes on the most favorable conditions for our customers. When transporting groupage cargo we:

  • execute all necessary export and accompanying documents;
  • deliver the goods to the consolidation warehouse;
  • carry out packing, marking and other handling;
  • send cargo by a convenient type of transport (railway, sea, air);
  • solve all issues with customs authorities;
  • deliver the goods to the recipient.

Leave a request for transportation of cargo. Cooperating with us, you trust the delivery of cargo to real professionals in the field of logistics and customs clearance.