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If you want to deliver the goods to Russia from another country or from abroad, then we are talking about international transportation. This type of transportation has a number of features and difficulties, therefore, they require not only experience, competence and resources, but also knowledge of the legislative and market specifics of the countries through which transportation will be carried out.

Currently, international transport is an essential component of running a successful economic activity. The most acute issues are the safety of cargo and the optimization of timing, as well as the cost of transportation. Also, international transportation is always associated with customs clearance of cargoes and the presence of a large amount of standardized documentation.

Asia Way Group is already a strategic partner of many successful companies. And we strive to expand our customer network. Our company is ready to take responsibility for the delivery of goods from other countries or abroad, as well as the responsibility for developing a comprehensive logistics solution that meets all customer requirements.

International transportation features

International transportation is a complex task, the solution of which should be entrusted to true professionals in this field.

The first step is to form a route. It is important to understand that not always the shortest path is a path built in a straight line. The reality is that you must take into account a lot of factors, but not just the distance between two points on the map. When forming the route, experienced logisticians take into account the following features:

  • condition of road surface;
  • the degree of traffic flow congestion;
  • the possibility and convenience of changing the type of transport;
  • patrolling and highway safety;
  • the number and characteristics of customs stations along the route.

The timing and cost of international transportation also depends on several factors:

  1. the distance;
  2. the characteristics and features of the cargo;
  3. the availability and features of border crossing between countries as a transit;
  4. the features of border crossing and customs clearance.

As practice shows, long-term international transportation is associated with certain risks. This is the probability of robbery, accident, damage of cargo due to weather and other force majeure events and circumstances. To cover the losses of the cargo owner it is necessary to resort to insurance. And this is another inherent feature of international transportation.

Only a competent specialist is able to take all these factors into account, so it’s good when the lion’s share of all this work falls on the shoulders of professional logisticians. A team of such specialists is able to solve even the most complex tasks in a short time and with maximum efficiency.

Any logistical task related to international transportation is broken down into stages. And the success of international transportation will directly depend on the coordinated work of specialists at all stages. Only with the cooperation of all participants, as if a single mechanism, it is possible to achieve the desired results.

Asia Way Group is an expert in international transportation

The Asia Way Group company successfully solves problems related to international transportation. In the arsenal we have:

  • developed agency-partner network throughout the world;
  • use of all types of transport (sea, air, road, rail);
  • organization of multimodal transportation;
  • door-to-door delivery;
  • groupage – own and leased consolidation warehouses;
  • own and leased container fleet;
  • control at all stages;
  • cargo tracking in real time;
  • professional customs clearance.

All these allows us to provide the most favorable conditions for international transportation, both in terms and cost, offering customers a choice of different logistics solutions.

We guarantee you the safety of the goods and the immutability of the cost of all agreed services. Asia Way Group provides a high level of customer service. All our employees strictly comply with the terms of the contracts and follow the deadlines and requirements set forth in the contracts.

If you use the services of one company in complex in the field of international transportation, you will be able not only to shift the responsibility onto the shoulders of one provider, but also to save money, since a complex solution always costs more profitable.

Contact our staff and leave a request for international transportation.