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The concept of multimodal transportation is also found under a different name – combined transportation, and the term refers to the transportation of goods under a single contract, carried out by two or more types of transport. That is, it is such a freight, during which the cargo is loaded from one type of transport to another and moves to its destination. For example, cargo is delivered to the port by road. Then, on a marine vessel, and from there, for example, it is transported by rail to another city, where it is again loaded onto road transport and delivered to its destination.

Multimodal transportation is an effective logistic solution that allows you to save and deliver cargo "door-to-door". To organize multimodal transportation, you must have not only experience, but also well-established partnerships. Also, the company's own resources, such as road transport, will help cut down expenses.

Container transportation is very often multimodal. In addition, it is very convenient to arrange transportation of a general purpose container by different types of transport. The cargo is once placed in a container, sealed and the container itself is moved from the vehicle to the ship, and from there it can be reloaded to the railway platform. It is not surprising that this type of transportation is one of the most popular.

The company Asia Way Group has its own and leased container fleet, road transport, and also has well-established partnerships. All this, together with the competence and rich experience of our specialists, allows us to competently and professionally organize highly efficient multimodal transportation.

The advantages of multimodal transportation

Multimodal transportation has a number of advantages that determine the popularity and demand for this type of cargo transportation:

  • transportation by one company guarantees responsibility for the safety of the cargo carried by one partner – it means that there is always someone to hold to account;
  • cooperation with one company allows you to reduce the time for coordination of all documentation and technical issues;
  • the ability to deliver cargo to any point;
  • financial savings – the cost of transportation and services is cheaper;
  • control of transportation by one company;
  • route optimization.

Thus, if there is no direct communication between the consignor and the consignee and there is no possibility to deliver the goods by one type of transport or you need to save money, multimodal transportation is the best solution. But there are some disadvantages of this type of transportation. First of all, it is the risk of loss or damage to the cargo due to reload from one type of transport to another, which is generally rare, especially for responsible carriers who carry out full control at all stages. Also, multimodal transportation of cargo often takes more time, and it is much more difficult to control the process and monitor the cargo.

Organization of multimodal transportation

Multimodal transportation is a technically and organizationally complex process. This process can be divided into the following stages:

  1. Cargo analysis – the assessment of parameters, characteristics and requirements for transportation.
  2. Arrangement of the optimal transportation route, use of transport types, etc.
  3. Preparation of accompanying and other necessary documentation.
  4. Ensuring the safety and security of cargo – the providing of fasteners, sealing, insurance, etc.
  5. Loading operations with safety requirements.
  6. Collection of data on the progress of transportation.
  7. Cargo delivery confirmation.

Thus, the organization of multimodal transportation requires knowledge, professionalism, experience and partnerships.

The Asia Way Group company has all the necessary material and immaterial resources for the professional organization of multimodal transportation. We always act in the interests of our customers and guarantee the safety of cargo on the whole route. With our help, the shipper and consignee control the delivery process in real time, receiving from our managers the information about the location of the goods.

Entrust us with the delivery of your cargo, and our specialists will prepare for you various options for choosing the type of transportation that is optimal from your point of view. Contact us any way you want or leave a request on our website.