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USD: 78.9437
EUR: 89.1511
CNY: 12.4864

8 (423) 273-42-16

Vladivostok, Snegovaya 18a, office 18


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Asia Way Group is a reliable company providing a full range of services related to freight, logistics and customs clearance in Vladivostok. Since 2015, we have been working in this area, improving and expanding not only the circle of clients, but also the geography of activity and the agency-partner network.

The range of the company's activities includes:

  • road transportation;
  • rail transportation;
  • air transportation;
  • container transportation;
  • multimodal transportation;
  • marine transportation;
  • LTL delivery;
  • customs clearance.

We are engaged in transportation within the country and carry out international transportation.

Purpose and mission

The purpose of Asia Way Group is to provide services to private and corporate clients for the delivery of goods to any part of the Russian Federation and the world on the most favorable conditions for them. We are chosen for several reasons:

  • high quality service;
  • affordable and transparent pricing;
  • competent personnel in the field of customs clearance and logistics;
  • own transport fleet;
  • own and leased container fleet;
  • an integrated approach to solving complex problems;
  • compliance with all requirements for the transportation of goods of different types;
  • an individual approach when choosing the optimal solution for a specific logistic task that takes into account all factors and requirements;
  • efficiency – the calculation of rates is carried out within 15 minutes;
  • wide partner network, covering not only the territory of Russia, but the whole world.

Asia Way Group's mission: to become a convenient and reliable link between the shipper and the consignee. We scrupulously and conscientiously fulfill our commitments, thereby setting high business standards. Asia Way Group unites ordinary people and business partners located in different parts of the country and the world.

The company actively uses modern technologies to ensure high efficiency in the field of logistics and cargo transportation. For our customers we offer a real-time cargo tracking system.


In Asia Way Group we believe that guarantees play an important role in the field of cargo transportation, and we provide them:

  • 100% cargo safety;
  • keeping of delivery time;
  • unchanged rates after the conclusion of the contract;
  • legal security;
  • competent customs clearance and support, protection of client's interests when interacting with the customs authorities.

Trust Asia Way Group as a high-class specialist in the field of freight and customs clearance. Do not neglect the help of professionals, because it is the guarantee of saving time, money, competent legal support and cargo safety!