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The Asia Way Group company is professionally engaged in rail transportation. Cargo transportation by rail is a reliable and very convenient type of long-distance cargo delivery. Our company solves a variety of logistics tasks, selecting the best option for cost and delivery time.

Rail transportation is characterized by versatility and economic feasibility, if it is necessary to deliver cargo over long distances. If we estimate the extent of the Russian Federation, the railway transport plays an enormous role in the infrastructure, linking the most remote settlements of our country.

The advantages of rail transportation

Transportation of goods by rail has several advantages:

  • wide geographical coverage – the railway network covers almost the entire territory of the Russian Federation, China, Europe and other countries;
  • affordable cost, thanks to which the economic efficiency of cargo delivery is achieved;
  • possibility to transport groupage cargo;
  • ability to transport heavy and oversized cargo;
  • independence from weather conditions;
  • availability of different types of freight-cars for transportation of different types of cargo;
  • following a tight schedule, as trains run exactly on schedule, and around the clock.

Our company is ready to organize rail transportation of a wide variety of goods, including valuable goods. There is the possibility of organizing multimodal transportation using road transport at the initial and final stage.

The freight-cars are necessarily sealed, photo and video recording is performed. All this guarantees the absolute safety of the goods.

The disadvantages of rail transportation

Railway transportation is not without drawbacks. First of all, it is a rigid adherence to a particular route. For this reason, door-to-door delivery of cargo is possible only if additional types of transport are used, in particular, automobile.

Another disadvantage is the timing. This type of transportation is not fast. With the help of road transport and especially air transport the cargo can be delivered much faster.

Rail transportation is subject to monopoly tariffs. They are decisive in pricing. In addition, this type of transportation requires a large amount of accompanying documentation and approvals. It is difficult to manage without the help of specialists.

Rail transportation features

The process of railway cargo transportation is divided into several stages: reservation of space in the car or freight-car (platform, tank-car, open railroad freight car, etc.), making up load, confirming paper work, loading of cargo, and sealing. The transportation process is necessarily accompanied by transport service. That is, road transport is used to deliver cargo to the freight-car. Loading can also be carried out using special equipment.

When transporting oversized cargo there are a number of rules to follow. Such goods are fixed in a special way and special documents are drawn up on them. The cost will also be different.

Rail transportation with Asia Way Group

The specialists of the Asia Way Group company are ready to take on all the concerns related to rail transportation. We are engaged in the delivery of cargoes of any complexity and efficiently organize the delivery, loading and unloading.

Our company guarantees the safety of goods along the whole route, as we are fully responsible for this. The experts of Asia Way Group have all the necessary knowledge and experience to organize reliable delivery of cargo by rail. All you need to do is to leave a request for rail transportation or contact our specialist. In the shortest possible time we will calculate the transportation for you and offer different options for cost and efficiency. As a result, you will be able to track the cargo in real time.

Trust Asia Way Group as a reliable logistics company with rich experience and impeccable reputation.